July 26th, 2003


I shall thank you by receiting the poem of gratitude! all 6,000 verses...

I'm watching Teen Titans, which turns out to be hilarity of an X-men Evolution sort. Aww, Robin and Starfire have little crushes on each other. *sighs quixotically*

Beast boy: "See? She thinks I'm funny!"
Raven: "I supposed statistically, somebody must."

So my mom called with another julie story and i was a bit short with her. I think really, my mom just wanted somebody to listen because she sort of played an accidentally role in Julie's latest flaunting of her own mom's wishes. I feel a little bit bad about it, but honestly, I'm sort of sick of the constant update, like somehow Julie's my responsibility. and i wasn't really in the mood to play parent to my own parent as usual. I am not the mom here.

Like, when i do something good, do you think mom calls up julie right away to tell her about it? Do you think she calls anybody? no, of course she doesn't. But she'll talk about julie until she's blue in the face.

I probably would have even take it, but right as she was calling, i had just put something in the oven, AND security came by to tell me about some rooming problem that should have been taken care of when they asked the SAME questions THREE WEEKS AGO. So i had to placate my mother, find a new room for some guy, get rid of the security guy, call Terri about it, open the door repeatedly for the guy moving in, AND go save my dinner from burning. In the next ten minutes. Somebody was getting the shaft.

Oh, wait. That would be me. Grrrr.
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