August 3rd, 2003


for this story, i will be using their real names.

So i've been tooling about online, and have found some wonderfult stuff, particularly on seviet's site. Her drawings are beautiful! Some of them are for fics others have written, so then obviously i have to read the fic. Thus, this picture led to this fic which had the following quote:

"Dean and Seamus looked at Neville warily, as if he was going to suddenly blurt that he and Hermione had been getting it on in the broom shed. "

Evidentally, EVERYBODY'S had a go at Hermione in the broomshed!! if you have no idea what i'm talking about, go read Hey, That's Not A Watch!

Other random things from today:

At the rest stop on the way back from the beach, the woman in front of me was disgruntled to hear that they were brewing a new pot of coffee and it wasn't quite ready yet. "Well, then!" she snapped. "Is the iced tea hot?!"

Let me repeat that: "is the ICED tea HOT?" I fully expected it to be followed by "i'll take balloons for 400, Alex" or even "I know Kung Fu".

Aso, if you are searching for the most wrongly mcwrong thing EVER, hetaira9 has saved you the trouble and located it. it is this: Dear GOD, I'm BLIND!. The description of choice is "In this story, Scarlett and Lady Jaye have some fun without the boys. I am using their real names for this story."

Their real names. Just think about that for a second.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ivyblossom! Go check out the beautiful mp3 of her singing and guitaring! TICKLED UP THE BUM! Man, i never get tired of that...
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