August 5th, 2003


Scan THIS, baby!

well, i got a scanner yesterday, for $40 at Circuit City, which is pretty effing hot. It's a Canon Canoscan LIDE 20, and let me tell you, for $40 bucks, it's sure as hell doing everything i want it to do. I tested it out on some Xtreme X-men Panels, and made myself a hot Rogue wallpaper. I learned my lesson from the digital camera, ignored all the directions, plugged it directly into my ibook, and everything works fine. YAY MACS! w00t!

I doodled an Illustration for What Exactly Are the Duties of a HEAD Boy? during work today, which i will cut because it might be a tad wide for Friend lists:

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*squee* So Happy! This means that after sociofemme gets back from baby-sitting tomorrow, i can FINALLY put up the thing i drew her at the beginning of summer!

After drabbling like mad lately, Ellen talked me into joining hp100. Thanks to everyone who liked my Neville drabble! He deserves hugs from everybody...I'm writing your story, Neville, i SWEAR!

In other news: go welcome new LJer meupatdoes! She'll be really excited if you know where her screenname comes from...
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If a Weasley breathes and there is no one to hear, does he still lose Gryffindor 10 points?

on an HP note, Carol told me today that her husband is at the point in Book 5 where Harry finds out he's not a Prefect. Carol asked him what a prefect was, and he said "that's like what Sara is at school."

Awww. *grins* Still a Prefect this year, though. Third year returner. No Big Head Girl, me.

And speaking of fics, here's a random plotbunny that seized me after i read Ellen's ten parter about Hermione and Millicent, which is going up on my fanfic page shortly.

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