August 8th, 2003


OMG! Ivy's on the internet!

Excuse me while i put on the pimp hat for the moment.

I just saw the article from the Salt Lake Tribune , featuring some quotes from our very own ivyblossom! Way to promote the positive aspects of fanfic writing to the world at large!

We love you, Ivy! My fandom snogs you senseless with glee :)

"It's a Fringe element...That keeps us out of trouble."

*hugs* also to icarusancalion for mentioning me on her post. Always glad to offer internet hilarity. Here's to a weekend for recharging and debauchery!

In other news, Big Momma Baier is actually here THIS weekend, regardless of the misinformation campaign waged by hetaira9, so I'm trekking over to sociofemme's apt for a dinner of some meatless wonder which she has concocted.

Ellen's mom's comin to my house, better hide the pornographeeeeee...
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Ellen's mom's comin' to my house...

I met ellen's mom tonight, which was enjoyable all around. She's rather more normal than i expected, i was really sort of waiting for the crazy mother of all fem-nazi's. The image is sort of ruined by her being excited about the straw hat with ribbons she bought at k-mart.

Ellen, i looked at your sorority's webpage.
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