August 13th, 2003


So, i know i should be working, i KNOW, but i had to post this from here:

Ali: Are you worried that you will one day be introduced to him, and his first words will be, "time machine booty call?"
cassandraclaire: Yes. And then he will be like, "So, you don't like the sunglasses, eh? Neil Gaiman is displeased."


What I was really doing was searching for a fic i know i read on somebody's journal, the one where Sirius is in a funk at James/Lily's wedding and Remus wears leather? Does anybody know who really did that?

And speaking of thegraybook, I think i have now read "A Lot To be Upset About" nearly a hundred times and it never gets less funny. I think it might be my favorite fic of all time, even transcending my usual disdain for D/G.

What about you guys? What's the funniest HP fic you've ever read?
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