August 27th, 2003


The best line ever. Seriously.

This is the best line ever from a Sirius/Remus:
James: "I heard you."
Remus: "Oh, god..."
James: "Yeah, sort of like that, only it's more like, 'Oh, god, Sirius, mmm, yes, fuck, good, more...' ow!"

All this Remus/Sirius has inspired a drabble (no eyeliner in this one. Sorry, I had no words to spare as it was!)

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words that would have been included if i hadn't been 20 over to start: Triumph. Leather. Glitter. Eyeliner. Quaffle. Waffle. (I know you're laughing, 'Femme, don't even lie about it *shaves imaginary mustache*)
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I'm Green Like I'm a Machine!

So, at my RA training, one of the first things we do every year is a personality quiz called True Colors. After finding out whether you are Blue, Green, Gold, or Orange, you then get a little sheet that tells you all about your color, things like what you do when you are stressed out and the best way to reassure people of your color. Then you learn about other groups and it's this big bonding thing and you understand everyone so much better.

and then i thought, OBVIOUSLY the Marauders should be doing this!

a crash course in colors:
Green: Inquisitive, Witty, Original, nonconformist
Blue: Harmonizer, sensative, genuine, peaceful
Orange: Impulsive, eager, optimistic, physical
Gold: thorough, punctual, rule-follower, stable

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To learn about True Colors and take the quiz (we use the word quiz, it works really well) Check this out.
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