August 31st, 2003


my fandom has flying Triumphs as well

So i finally was inspired to make the Remus/Sirius icon by seviet's wonderful MWPP drawings today. She's soooo talented, I'm all squicky with jealousy. But i noticed there was some casual i pounced! ;) *pets icon lovingly* oh, those boys...

orientation is going better than i thought it would. I do indeed have 36 people, but they all seem nice so far and they are excited about doing things and they like each other! Not like those spastics i had last year...

I also have a massive lump/bruise/protuberance on my leg from where I tried to jump the stage during Making Connections with all the other facilitators and took a massive header after i cracked my leg into the stage. The freshmen might be rolling me out of the lofted bed tomorrow.

Time for stuff until noon tomorrow! yay!
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    I have 'gump' stuck in my head cause i said 'lump'