September 2nd, 2003


I'm Harry? and some Puppy love...I heart my boys

first of all, this is effing hilarious:
You are: Not Draco. You're Harry. What the hell are
you doing here? Okay, so maybe you're just
normal. If you want to get a new result you ve
got to think more like you think Draco thinks.

What kind of Draco are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Orientation is almost over...I NEVER thought I'd be sorry for that to end! I love my hall, they were so cute at the PJ Parade last night doing their little fummer rendition of Captain Planet :) Here's a shot of us and our banner, sorry it's sort of large:
Mighty Marshall, he's our hero...

I also wrote some more Remus/Sirius last night *cackles leacherously* but it's more "Awwww" than "Oh yeah, mmm!" so feel free to peruse regardless of your take on smut. (PS--See sociofemme's quote of my comment about the whole anti-smut movement on her LJ)

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