September 4th, 2003


a conversation with the snapebot

(gacked from sweet_mel13)

You: I've been writing a lot of smut lately.
snapeybot: How about earlier?
You: Before that I was writing het. It's Sociofemme's fault
I'm writing all this slash.
snapeybot: *Long-suffering sigh.* If one more person asks
me about slash, I am going to scream.
You: I don't slash you though. You don't seem inherently
snapeybot: Hey, there's a reason they call it "gay." Everyone's happy.
You: Guess that doesn't apply to you too much then, does it?
snapeybot: Don't you have something better to do than pester me?
You: Not really.

(long pause at an incredibly appropriate time)

snapeybot: Neither do I.
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