September 8th, 2003


moooooooonday (that's a moan, not a moo)

ungh. Mondays suck. esp mondays that are PMS/suddenly MS.

Why can't i have normal PMS? the kind where you're pissed off at everybody and yell and throw temper tantrums? No no, if you're me, you buy an ipod to the tune of $400 (should be shipped by Wed, but that's not soon enooooooough *whines*) and then this makes you cry. (goddamn it, lastmarauder, now i have to write MORE r/s smut to offset you!).

not even Collapse ) cheered me up. the ipod would have, if i could have gotten it from the computer store, rather than having to order it from apple, so currently it's adding to the funk. WHERE'S MY INSTANT GRATIFICATION?!!!!

people are commenting on my hp100 drabble for the week, which makes me feel better. I think it might be the only one I post this week *gasps*, the challenge didn't thrill me. mine's more about the parrot than the dream.
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