September 16th, 2003


My neopet is so special, he's in Special Ed

So I've come to conclude that my one neopet is retarded. No, honestly. I've played dozens of games with him and read him like ten books, and he's STILL listed as dimwitted. Poor Grewsell. He's adopted too, i wonder if that's why his last owner got rid of him.

Me fail English? that's umpossible!

I updated the hell out of my site, putting up a bunch of new LJ icons and all the drabbles i've written for the last two weeks and the editorials that have been published as well. i need to go back through my LJ and pick out all the story-bits that haven't gone up yet. My HP stuff is going to need its own section shortly, it's taken over my fanfic page.

Here are a couple of the icons i made today, from pictures i found at Virtual Squeaks(sorry Sirius):

thanks to sociofemme for my kickass Ravenclaw banner!! I didn't mean to get you in trouble during class today *snicker*
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Puppyslash for Lastmarauder

Because I promised some t00by puppyslash to lastmarauder, who commented me the last time i mentioned him and Made. My. Life. (you totally wish you had the chance to IM friends and say "REMUS LUPIN COMMENTED MY LJ!!!!!")

fictional schmictional.

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