September 21st, 2003


Arr har, no more grog for the frosh

Pirate Day was great fun and PotC was just as good for the fourth and a half time as it was the first. But the real fun didn't start until after 3am.

Two of my residents were FUBARed but good, and one of them was bad enough that I ended up calling Security, although he did not in fact go to the hospital. One was okay enough to tell us where he'd been and we got him to bed around 4:30, but the other was showing no signs of improvement from when they got him back at 2 till i called it in at nearly 5. finally, he started coming around, but it was really really scary for awhile.

His roommate sat with him for a long time and finished out the night with him, and at one point just sort of casually said "I'm staying with you as long as it takes to get you better, cause your my roomate. That's what roommates do." I nearly burst into tears, because they've known each other all of three weeks and it was just about the most touching thing I'd ever seen. It stayed with me even after I went to bed at 6ish, and I couldn't help but think it was the most Sirius/James best mate moment I'd ever seen. So I wrote a Marauder fic, obviously. Here is what essentially happened on my hall last night:

Collapse )

For my freshmen, who last night made me feel simultaneously like the most ineffectual and the luckiest RA in history. I love our hall, and I love that the 35 of you do too. But most of all, I love that you take care of each other, no matter how long it takes.
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