September 22nd, 2003


"So the plug goes...where?"


Mmm, 20 gigs of digital pirated goodness. ARRR! Not as much of a turn-on as Sirius with a motorbike, an electric guitar, and eyeliner, but nearly. The ipod's name is Pigwidgeon, because it is small and makes lots of noise. As I was explaining this to sociofemme I commented that I could just see Ron holding the owl in one hand and the firewire cord in the other and asking Harry "Right, so the plug goes where again?"

Appropriately, 'Femme named her brand new ibook Hedwig because it's white and sends messages. Meanwhile, while the advent of the ipod didn't upset either the mac or the ibook (the boys were surprisingly tame about this new playmate), the digital camera was apparently not happy about not being the newest toy anymore and had a minor cataclysm. It's on its way to Fuji HQ to be fixed as we speak. CLEARLY it felt it had to do this during my Computer Art class, the only possible time i would need it for something school-related.

New pony stuff should be arriving soon *g*
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