September 23rd, 2003


I'm recced all over the place *G*

So, i was examining the stalker-esque page that gives me my web stats, and it said that my page was getting visited via an awful lot, so I clicked the link to discover Bright Shiny Objects recced Triumph of the Last Marauder! (It's there if you scroll down, but not if you click the "Harry Potter" link. *shrugs*) Not only that, but this is what they said about me:

"Dazzler's characterisation is perfect -- neither bitter nor saccharine; she builds well on the foundations laid by OotP.  Good gen is hard to find in this fandom, but here it is."

I was agog, my jaw was on the floor. *squee* does not even begin to cover the warm fuzziness that overtook me. I ran out into the hall and made my residents come see, even though it meant outing myself as an HP fic writer. Heh. Goodbye, closet, my old friend.

thanks also to semielliptical for reccing Me, Myself, and Oh My. *blushes* you all are too much. (you picked a perfect quote for it too ^_^*)

My HP fiction now has its own page on my site, cause it was taking over the general fic page. Snappy graphic to follow.
Pottering Around: Dazzler's HP Fanfiction
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