October 14th, 2003


Odi Dr. Barnettem

I have fic to post, but must do Latin homework first. I HATE writing Latin essays. "Write a million words on the fact that Horace uses the word 'white' once in an ode."

break was fun. My brother tells me that what I don't know he can "shove in a box". good job, Sam. The four residents that are here were excited for my return, and report that they have been plotting to build a fortress that looks like a birthday cake. The candle would be a huge flamethrower.

Has anybody else read "Ender's Game" by Scott Orson Card? I read it over the weekend and it Blew. My. Mind. Best book I've read in a long time. READ IT cause I have no one to talk to about it...
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The Best of All of Us

I did copperbadge's Dialouge challenge, where you had to use the same dialouge for two different scenes in an hour. I went a bit over, about 40 min, so the italics start where my official thing ends.

it's smidge random and maudlin for me, and it harkens back to when i though Neville would be Harry's Wormtail. Some bits were left purposely open-ended and I like it like that.

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