November 13th, 2003


I'm holding out.

While i would love to squee my little heart out with all of you, I'm holding it in. I'm not watching the trailor until Friday. I'm not doing it. I'm going to see it in the dark on the big screen, or not at all. sociofemme, if you spoil me, i'll kill you. it's a day and a half, for chrissake.

*crosses fingers and hopes she doesn't hate mustache!Remus in action*
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Snake in the Grass

I keep writing my squick drabbles during computer art. You guys are going to get me kicked out one of these the professor wandered over and was like "did you do that yourself?" I nearly died before I realized he was pointing at the art project sitting beside me.

Title: Snake in the Grass
Words: 100
Challenge: Plants (heh heh heh)
Characters: Moody, Kingsley, and a spy
A/N: I've seen "Clue" just about two million times. This is what leapt to mind first for the 'plant' challenge.

"Like that…hey, did you hear that?"

Moody twisted around to look at Kingsley, whose ears were perked up.

"What…?" he started to ask, but Kingsley cut him off with a hiss. Abruptly he withdrew from Moody and stalked over to the bushes. He rustled about in them for several seconds before grunting in satisfaction.

"Aha!" He pulled out his hand, clutching a squirming Draco Malfoy. "Just as I suspected, a plant!"

Grunting at the interruption of his romantic tryst, Moody stumped over to peer at the Death Eater spy.

"Looks more like a fruit to me," he rolled his eye.

new icons! I feel like Sam...

Has anybody else noticed the LJ clock going all wonky? I just lost an entry because it said i needed to backdate...

Just discovered that paid accounts get 15 icons instead of 10! WOOHOO LJ team! I scanned in a bunch of Foxtrot and Zits stuff and went to town.

Thanks to thistle_chaser and alchemia for identifying and solving a bandwidth issue due to googlebot and other webcrawlers. if you too are having strange bandwidth issues, go here.

I finally found out what NaNoWriMo was (i confess that I thought it was ghetto slang for "Write More"), and I am HIGHLY impressed with all of you doing it, esp ivyblossom and copperbadge. I <3 all of you and look forward to fangirling you shamelessly when you're famous authors.
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