November 22nd, 2003

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pimpage for sloanesomething: go read this story. I haven't had a good, pure laugh-out-loud moment during a fic for a long time like the laugh i got out of the second to last line of this fic. *sighs happily*

So i made my hall's bulletin board tonight, about Haikus, and there was a section where my residents could write their own. I was coincidentally wearing my Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Allies T-shirt (LGBTA). While I was finishing up the other side of the board, one of my residents emerged from the shower and, despite being clad only in a towel, paused to contemplate his own haiku. It was quite the lengthy pause, he must have been standing there for a good five minutes, scribbling his little haiku.

While this was going on, the resident's roommate emerged and took in the entire tableau, the towel resident and the bulletin board and my shirt, and then he said:

Roommate in a towel.
RA is not into it.

I fucking love my hall.
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making me stupid

the sex bracelet scandal

Apparently I've been sending out secret sexual messages.

According to the article, I'm advertising for kissing and oral sex with my gel bracelets, and quite a few of either act. Which makes the fact that the kid at the Wendy's asked for one of my bracelets last week absolutely hilarious (wonder if he plans to collect). Even funnier is the way the article claims you have to "snap" or "break" the bracelet off somebody to claim your sex act. You ever tried to break off a gel bracelet? They're RUBBER, good luck with that. perhaps that's what you get when you do sex articles with fifth graders as sources.

So wait. If purple means kissing and purple sparkly means french kissing and blue means oral sex...what does blue sparkly mean? pleasedon'tberimming
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