November 25th, 2003


And you thought Sirius was glad to be finished off...

Here's the end! Thanks to ramen_addict for the encouragement and a covert high five to myself for bringing hetaira9 over to the dark side (so flattered you're reading it! *g*). Heads up also to the random porn site that commented on my last post. Glad you're enjoying it.

without further ado, Teh Pr0n!!! SMUT WARNNING! (this might look a smidge familiar if you were reading sociofemme's comments yesterday...)

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*snuggles finished fic contentedly* thanks for sticking with me during the Flist spam today, guys. Hope you think it's worth it...
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making me stupid

*shuffles feet*

oh christ this is embarrassing.

So the song in the glitter!fic, you know, the Song...I wrote it. I wrote it and sang it. and mp3'd it. *covers eyes at own t00biness*

It's only me singing, and there's no guitar or anything, and I'm a girl rather than a it's not really hot or anything...

but here it is.

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hopefully the smut made up for this post.
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