December 3rd, 2003


going to burn down the school...

thanks to everybody who 'enjoyed' the PatientZero!Remus ficlet and is passing it around. And by enjoyed, i mean 'was every bit as creeped out as i was' by it. The best comment by far, however, involved Snape and a Cannibal drilling holes in his chest. I'm sorry, anonymous, but you are definately wrong: nothing is more disturbing than that.

Go check out tocomfortyou's site Impervyus, if for no other reason than that opening Draco graphic. I was LOSING IT when I read that...

I made a boy-slashy wallpaper yesterday with the lyrics to that Brand New song I've had stuck in my head for days, it's here if you want to see. Clearly the art teacher had to wander up behind me and ask what I was working on while I was doing it. Heh.

Spike Lee spoke at my Lit class today, and as I'm sitting down in class, right beside Spike Lee, I realize that I only buttoned the top button of my jeans and then forgot to do the rest, so I spent 45 minutes sitting next to Spike Lee with my fly more or less open, and even though my shirt should have covered it, I am convinced that Spike Lee's photographer will win the Pulitzer Prize for a photo entitled "Spike Lee has Big Effect on F&M Student".
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    fly. open. next. to. SPIKE LEE. damn.