December 4th, 2003


Parrots Smell. Yarr.

I have two pages of comments for the Patient Zero thing! That's never happened before! double squee! And also, donnaimaculata and I have been having a really hot discussion about Remus, so feel free to participate. Note also the new Remus icon. FINALLY, the mustache makes sense.

On a much more random note, so I have siriuslythebest friended, not because i follow that RPG, but because he's a hysterical pick-me-up about once a week. Take for instance yesterday, when Sirius discovered pirates. If you read ALL the comments, you will see a special treat...

ETA: gacked from heinous_bitca, elven hooty-hoots thisaway. go laugh your orcs off.
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and by the wild, i mean RIGHT HERE

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So, while at sociofemme's today, i noticed a metal ball-ish thing sitting on her desk and immediatly thought "A Sneakoscope!" But then i asked what it was and ellen was like "a tea-strainer, moron. Why did you think it was?" So I admitted to my Sneakoscope idea, and she was like "but it has a HANDLE!"

So I picked up and ran it up her side, saying "well, i thought it could be the portable kind they run over you in the Floo-port. you know.....BEEP BEEP BEEP!"

We then decided they could pull all people with red hair and freckles out of line, and call it racial profiling.
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