December 6th, 2003

rum gone

achy thighs for two unrelated reasons...

Reason 1.) Collapse )

I don't know about everybody...I mean Millicent Bulstrode? Thanks, no. sociofemme's got dibbs anyhow...

Reason 2.) Playing in the snow with my residents yesterday! Go see us! They even asked me to order food with them after, so we had pizza and watched a movie. Some of them are stealthily crossing the border between being 'my residents' to being 'Jenn, Scott, Daylinn, Vianna, Ashley, Alley, Emre, and Jon'.

On the other hand, some of them, who I had to bust for pot last night because they live right across the hall from me and the towel they tried to stick underneath the door was halfway out into the hallway and my room smelled like a 'cheap hotel' in the words of Scott...well, some of them are just 'my residents'.

I love my hall.
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