December 14th, 2003


that was a bit unexpected.

My Sugar Daddy is Arthur Weasley
You little homewrecker, you! Your Daddy is the
good natured, somewhat bumbling but always
loyal Arthur Weasley. He's pretty whipped,
really, and obviously you're where those vast
Weasley fortunes are going. Go you! Just
don't snicker so much when you pass Ron in the
hall, or he'll catch on.

Who's Your Daddy?
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right. And while we're on the topic of fandom, go read this if you want to see a humourous yet honest representation of Marauder First Year stuff. copperbadge is involved, which is all I should have to say.

I'm spending my days off before my finals writing, so look forward to some postage tonight...
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gay apparel

Double Entendre

Here's the promised ficlet for the day. James has some things to get off his chest, and apparently so does Remus...featuring clueless!Peter (sorry, Wormtail).

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