December 17th, 2003

rum gone

snifflies, but no spoilers

i echo everything musesfool said over on her entry about RotK. I feel just like I did after finishing OotP, only it's the good kind of wrung out instead of the wrist-slashingly depressed kind.

It was good. Really really really good. But I'm sad it's over, you know? No more next christmas openings, no more can't wait to see it. This is the post-adrenaline slump.

It started to rain when we were out in the parking lot, and it was just what I needed, not too hard, but cold and clear. I stood out in front of my building a bit before going on, letting it wash some of the excess away from me and felt less like I might shatter if I breathed too deep.

I shouldn't put myself in a room with hundreds of emotionally charged people, it isn't good for me.
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