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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this
21 December 2003 @ 12:45 am
no sign of my merry_smutmas fic yet, but others have gotten loads of good stuff, and I'm enjoying it all.

Went to Candy Lane tonight with a bunch of other RAs, including Colin. FREEZING! But we saw reindeer and got kettle corn and things, so all worth it. I offered to buy Colin a soda at one point and he said "Aw man, if you buy me a soda, then it's a date, and I'll have to put out at the end." I warned him against the dangers of the self-fufilling prophecy. *snuggles Colin secretly*

Perversely, I really like this liking somebody unattainable business, because there's no pressure to reveal the secret desire to schnoogle. It's all to the good, I'm graduating and he reminds me too strongly of David for me to be sure it's totally honest. I'm content to encourage low-key girlfriend rebellion and discuss theoretical cat deaths over kettle corn.

In other news:
cut for The Second War stuff, cause you probably don't care and I'm not sure if RPGers truly keep from knowing what their characters shouldn't, but this is about Terry BootCollapse )

Home tomorrow. Dial-up internet. Job. *wibbles*
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