December 24th, 2003


Welcome to Existence

Goddaughter, Madison Anna Weigel, is now officially here, having arrived at 8:04 PM and weighing 8 lbs, 15 oz. I have pictures, but I'm on the family computer instead of the ibook, so some finagaling will have to occur before you can see her. She's HUGE! Low birth weight due to smoking my arse.

I'm a godparent!! It is now my official job to spoil Madison rotten, feed her mounds of chocolate frogs sugar before giving her back to her mother, and procure her first racing broom My Little Pony.

Merry christmas to me!
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Ellen, are you aware that you are one of the people listed as a BNF on hpbnfdeathmatch? Go vote for sociofemme when she's up, folks! even though I'm riotously jealous...

My brothers, sister-in-law, dad, and I played the LotR trivial pursuit tonight. This involved much passing around of The Ring, and discussion of invisible poop, and my dad doing the 'Fuck You Dance' at one point. I did passably ("that's totally half a wedge! I should get a one-cheek wedgie!"), but I have to say that the bent of the questions were a smidge unfair in favor of the one team.

sample question for everyone but Bob and Sam: "What was the name of the third gaffer's brother and in what scene do you see an oblique reference to him?"

Sample question for Bob and Sam: "What is Frodo's name?"

well, it wasn't that bad, but it was bad. Although one question did call Aragorn and Boromir a 'twosome' Hee!

off to church shortly. Merry christmas everybody!
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