January 4th, 2004

rum gone

Official Breaking News

I am going to the Bahamas for five days. There will be no computer. There will be no ipod. there will be no...no...no laptop! I can't take it! *sobs*

Sara's mother: "Just put the ibook down and back away slowly. Down...I said DOWN...I can SEE you trying to hide it in your back pocket!"

*clears throat* so I won't be around. I fully expect to return to LOADS of fic from you all *eyes Flist warily*. If you miss me too much, you can always head over to merry_smutmas and see the two fics I wrote, they should be revealing identities soon. you can always write for my chaaaaaaaallenge for when I come back.

I'll miss you, everybody! Have a great week! *clings to her last few moments of internet*
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