January 10th, 2004


triumphant return

Back from the Bahamas! Am burnt and braided ethnically, but happy to be back where there is the internet *schnoogles*

The Flist...ah, the burden of the Flist. I'm not checking it at all. I went and saw a few people's journals (Stealing Harry chapters! more promises of art from blackrogue!) but on the whole, just leaving it and picking up from here.

the merry_smutmas authors are all up...after my original assignment, I did an emergency fic for jain, a Remus/Draco that I had loads of fun doing, and when I scrolled down to see who had left me my eyeliner!Sirius and nipplyshirt!Remus, I found none other than....sweetrickkitten! lol, how random is that! Thanks again for my present, I loved it!

happy birthday meupatdoes! And I SO totally remembered before I saw Katharine's post.
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And Sam was Champion of the World...

Well, here's a creepy bit of pairing-less Harry/Neville fic for everybody. Harry's on the verge of an epiphany, Neville seems to be at the center of everything lately, and Dumbledore's good for nothing but twinkling.

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