January 22nd, 2004

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did anybody else notice I discovered the secret 'Glittery' mood in my last post? I typed it in, and the icon showed up anyhow, even though it isn't a listed mood *boggles*

My site, Dazzler's Domain, which many of you have seen the fanfic page of, is about to turn one year old! Which means among other things that I have to pay my webhost, but also there is to be celebration, and here is how it's going to go:

sociofemme suggested a 24-hour ficathon, which I get to make up the rules for, since she just made it up (she claims).

This can go one of two possible ways:

1. Hobbit-style: What do you want for my birthday? You guys drop me some pairings/situations/challenges, and I'll write you something, to be posted on the hour.

2. You guys volunteer to take an hour and put up something for me, which I can then link from my journal.

Either way, or a combination of both works for me. We're talking 12 midnight Wed morning the 28th to 12 midnight thursday morning the 29th.

Drop me a comment and tell me what you think!
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