January 24th, 2004


don't all volunteer at once

All right, Flist, lets try this again:

Wednesday is my site's birthday. I'll be writing a bunch of stuff to celebrate.

What do you people want me to write for you? There are 70 of you, SOMEBODY must have an opinion!

Challenge me, I beg you!

Ellen, perhaps you ought to pimp this, since your Flist will comment on ANYTHING.
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hey, whose hand is that?!

As a reward for actually responding to the last post this time, you all get to read the long-promised Dean/Seamus/Ginny. This is for sociofemme (you know why) and for whoever wrote those cute Seamus/Dean drabbles at the end of last summer. I've forgotten who it was (maybe dipping_sauce?), but D/S has always held a little corner of my heart since then, even though I don't write it much.

Do you know, I don't think I've ever done a threesome fic before? Have to shoot for one of those for wednesday. Not as long as this though. eep!

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*runs off to take cold shower after writing this*
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