January 26th, 2004


Last Call

The final details of Wednesday's 24-hour Ficathon are just about hammered down. I'm going to run 9am Wednesday to 9am Thursday, because that way I can work around my classes (yes, i do actually go to class).

A ficlet goes up at the beginning of each hour, nothing epic, but enough to please, I hope. I'm getting started on some of them a bit early, because there will be hours when I have to post and run, but all in all, this is going to be some crazy 24 hours.

Requests so far:
1. desevera wants: Some more of the "What exactly are the Duties of a Head Boy" fic
2. blackrogue wants: glitter!MWPP in general, or glitter!R/S specifically
3. marksykins wants: James, in particular lovemeonyourknees!James from SYWTTYARB
4. maeglinyedi wants: Harry/Remus or Harry/Sirius
5. ramen_addict wants: the Third Year MWPP incident I keep referring to obliquely in R/S fics
6. donnaimmaculata wants: Remus/Sirius smut in the narrative present, with no sekrit puppylove pre-Azkaban and mention of SecretlySexy!Remus (don't want much, do you? hehe)
7. contrariwise wants: Remus-centric fic, post OotP
8. novembersnow wants: any Remus/Sirius that involves the motorbike
9. jain wants: some fluffy James/Remus
10. seshat1 wants: glitter!James/Sirius/Remus (ooh, more threesomes!)
11. thieving_gypsy wants: Glittery stuff, but since everybody else says that, Peter/one of the other boys
12. retired_ego wants: some Quidditch smut, Oliver/Marcus in particular (Biggerstaff, snerk!)
13. rooneytunes wants: Sirius in leather/manly pants.
14. sociofemme wants: an account of Oliver's first Quidditch game, where he gets knocked out by a Bludger five minutes in.
15. super_elmo wants:a sentimental sequal to Marauders' Last Triumph that is quite sad/reminisce-inducing, specific references to canon or the universe in your fics, from Harry's or Lupin's POV but not necessarily first person (just a general idea, hmm? I'll do my best!)
16. cave_canem wants: A post-OotP darkish hurt/comfort Remus/Harry
17. florahart wants: Percy, any way I care to do him (heh)
18. sociofemme wants: additionally, some femmslash
19. katiemorris wants: Lily/Lupin, pre or post James
20. Dave Powers, from RL, wants: Dark, bloody, ripping flesh
21. Caitlyn, also from RL, wants: something from Lily's POV

3 more slots available, if anybody has any last minute requests...
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