February 2nd, 2004


the snail is cancelled!

i finally caught Jack Sparrow at it. I was cleaning out the fishbowl prior to adding 9!Harry and 10!Harry, and Jack and 1!Harry (yes, its still the same one) were in the small bowl.

I look up, and HALF OF THE HARRY WAS IN JACK'S SHELL! And it wasn't for the purposes of a slash crossover, either.

After staring in bewilderment for a moment, I flicked Jack hard enough to make him let the Harry go, and he seems to still be functional. Jack Sparrow will always remember this as the day he almost ate 1!Harry, who apprarently really is the Tetra Fish Who Lived.

As if it weren't bad enough that the snail is actually CATCHING the live Harrys and eating them, I'm there scraping all the algea off the bowl. Herbivorous my arse. The snail is totally fired.

The roommate is sitting on my lap, chewing all the chocolate chips out of a cookie. Hee.
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