February 6th, 2004



goddamn, it's 2 AM already. I didn't do homework, didn't write, didn't play neopets. Am big loser.

I did read cluegirl's absobloodylutely fantastic fic, Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silent. I don't pimp fics often, but this even transcended my hatred of Snarry. Gorgeous, go and comment, and pimp! because Cluegirl deserves her moment in the spotlight for this.

I also played the crazy yeti penguin game for waaaaaay too long. Go try, and turn your sound way up.

I went to the Harley-Davidson factory today, and it was mad hot, and I got to 'ride' a dark blue Dyna Wide Glide with flames on the side. there is a replica model 2003 Softtail Deuce sitting on my desk to remind me that if I could enchant a motorbike to fly (or at least sleep with someone who had) I sure as hell would.

Of course when I tried to re-enact the motorcycle-sitting during staff meeting using the arm of the couch, it was widely held as the Most Pornographic Thing Ever. It might have had something to do with me trying to explain as I stradled the couch arm that "but it's better than this because this isn't big enough, it's so much bigger..."

that's so going in a fic. It'll be Remus. During an Order meeting, attempting to explain the allure of the Triumph. Molly Weasley will have to leave the room. As will Kingsley Shackbolt.
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I feel, dare I say, rather sexy...

hey, does anybody know where I can download the Travelocity Gnome commercial online? I can't find it anywhere, and it's driving me crazy. I can find the fake newscast one, but not the one that involves the whirlpool and the luge.

pleeeeeeese? I have a friend whose never seen it...
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