March 4th, 2004

gay apparel

I'm not dead

Have been a lump this whole week, and i wish i would stop feeling like crap so I could write something, or do anything besides sleep.

I was cleaning up my computer, and I found my Sirius application for glitterverse. While it's not the most thought-provoking fic ever, here is my bio and writing sample from that.

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*is a big dork*

well, since musesfool did it first, I can be all geeky too...commence dorkditude!

Songs that make me think of HP folk

The Marauders in General
  • There's No I in Team--Taking Back Sunday

  • Best of Me--the Starting Line
  • Best I'll Ever Be--Sister Hazel
  • Figure You Out--Nickelback
  • Full Moon--Me (well, obviously)

  • Pale Blue Eyes--Limp Biskit (thanks, musesfool, you really had a point there)
  • Black Motorcycle--Remy Zero
  • Lady Stardust--David Bowie

  • Twenty-four Hours--Switchfoot
  • Sic Gloria Transit--Brand New (although sometimes i think this is more James/Lily)

  • Dare You To Move--Switchfoot (w/ Sirius)
  • Time--Sarah McLachlan
  • Jaded (these years)--MEST
  • View From Heaven--Yellowcard

Er, I think that's all I can think of right now...
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    yellowcard--life of a salesman