March 25th, 2004


Waterworks in 1 minute and 55 seconds

the trailer made me cry. I'm so fucked.

Everyone else has said pretty much what there is to say. the picture of James and Lily. Sirius. Snape's window trick. Ron's cootie moment. Remus' voice. Harry's "I hope he finds me". The Wolf. Ohgod.

I'm so over-excited for this. And soso bitter that it's coming out after graduation so there won't be a huge group of us going.

*crosses fingers* embrace him with tongue, please embrace him with tongue...

musesfool and casira? I'm counting on your smutful R/S talents to make me forget that Thewlis!Remus looks and sounds like a child-molesting vacuum salesman.
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    the 7 wonders of rome. late nite TV is teh suck.

The crime was looking up the truth...

For musesfool, here's my response to her two-line lyric challenge. My two lines were:

The best thing you've ever done for me
Is to help me take my life less seriously, it's only life after all

"Closer to Fine" - Indigo Girls

Harry and Neville, pretty much gen, but I could name some people who will pleased at the Wooby undertone...

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