March 29th, 2004

gay apparel

in which Patroclos isn't the only one bending over and taking it

imousapelli: wah, still no greek
i: hate fucking greeks
i: ...wish the greeks were fucking
i: what if i just wrote some achilles/patroclus slash and showed up with it tomorrow
i: what would steiner even do
SocioFemme: as always, what do you think, sara?
i: "no, i cannot translate the Bard, but I do have this steamy sex scene right here."
S: she'd bend over and take it just like she always does
i: "we can have a dramatic reading."
i: "it involves golden aaaaaaarmour."
S: "oh, PLEASE, sara, yes!"
i: "and Mymidons. With massage oil."
i: "LAVENDER oil."
i: "...oh wait, that's elves, scratch that."
S: you're too much, sara
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