April 4th, 2004

making me stupid

some random crap

first of all, for musesfool:

"Remember a few months ago we tried that found poetry thing (it had another name I can't recall at the moment), where at a specified time, everybody posted one line of their favorite poem, and then our flists were filled with found poems? Since April is National Poetry Month in the US, I thought we might try it again.

So everybody reading this, post about it in your own LJ and try to get everybody to participate.
What: Post one line of poetry and nothing else (no commentary, no attribution, nothing)
When: Monday, April 5th, 4pm EDT (adjust for your own time zone please)
And then what: Then, check your flist (and your ff-list if you like), gather all the lines and post them as a really random poem.
Trust me, it's cool."

and because of sbbo:

What can I say? I want to see what it does too.

Ugh, too much work. Fucking latin paper and a billion lines of greek to do. Lately I feel like I really am the Classics Dept's bitch. It might have something to do with the eight million slides i've been taking for them.
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