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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this
09 April 2004 @ 06:57 pm
so i had a latin quiz at 8 am this morning. Did I study last night? No, obviously. The translation wasn't bad, but then Houser asked a few random questions, one of which was "both 'pigritiam' and 'ignaviam' can be translated 'lazyness', what is the difference between them?" My answer?

"1 P, 1 R, 1 I, and a T." Did I mention that I'm getting the Latin Award this year? They're giving me money for answers like that.

If anybody in RL needs a last minute birthday suggestion for me, also desired are "School of Rock" and the Snow Patrol album.

Well, I've been busy graphically at any rate. I made a wallpaper using that super cute picture copperbadge put up for "Stealing Harry", drawn by friede (thanks for the reminder, Sam). Regardless, if you want to see, here it is. I own neither the artwork nor the quote, which is from the story, I am merely the sticker-togetherer, so go tell Sam how brilliant he is.

In other news, pictures of the mice, via a poem:

Tell me, would you like a mouse?
Would you like one with a spouse?
Would you like one who has spots?
Would you like one who does not?
And holy crap, just look at that,
That is one ginormous rat!
The silly mice are not as clean,
But the rat's addicted to caffiene!
Jealous rat, he needs a cuddle,
And here is a big mouse huddle.
Here they munch on Loops of Froot
Could anything be half as cute?
Current Mood: creativepoetic
Current Music: Apex Theory--Bullshed