April 21st, 2004


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Mmm, birthday. Thanks to everyone who sent good wishes! *hugs you all*

What I've been up to lately:

for the hurt/comfort challenge over at pornish_pixies: Backs to the Wall, in which there is some Sirius/Remus, some Harry/Hand, and some Remus/Harry, all in under 1000 words. also, Just Blow On It, in which Oliver's cure is worse than his medical condition and Percy offers up some distraction.

Words limits BLOW, by the way. pun intended.

And while you are no doubt aware, if you didn't see, the Percyfic is FINALLY done and up over on weasleyworship, so go and squee for the fern if you haven't already: Third Party Loyalties

and now the rat is trying to eat the plastic fish plant again, so I have to run.
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Bonus Natalis Dies!


I pr3zz0rz joo! (how's that for some made up l33t?)

My first Snupin ever is dedicated to you, my dear, because you wanted an unflappable Snape who is rather...flapped. With a Spoon. Snape/Spoon OTP!

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    Birthday blowers Fweeing!