April 24th, 2004


Kerfluffle...but not in fandom? o.O

So, if you ever think that fandom kerfluffles are silly, you should check out a neopets board in the throes of uproar sometime.

What the SHIT is THIS?

Apparently some password thing just went around (if you play neopets, you should probably change yours), and a bunch of old, rich players lost a lot of stuff. Now people are mad because they got their stuff back, while less well-known people lost a lot of stuff too and certainly didn't receive the same attention. And also because the admins didn't take down the site when they found out about the glitch, but warned a few people on the battledome chat boards.

Now honestly. The sheer hullabaloo here, over VIRTUAL stuff, mind you, is a little silly. Not to mention, when I see people with 35 million neopoints of stuff to their names, i really just wonder how much of their lives they've spent on that. I mean, I spend an hour or two a day there, and I'm not a multi-millionaire. of course, this may also be due to the fact that I'm a compulsive pet painter, which is a shitload of neopets every time.

Goodness gracious, get a grip on yourselves. Change your password, which you should be doing anyway, and move on.
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