April 26th, 2004

mouse doom

lesson: sara should stop touching stuff

the internet explorer has had enough of me. It's crashing a half dozen times a day or more. I've tried reinstalling it, and moving around prefs, no good. I wish desperately that I could use safari on OS 9, but i am stuck with the black suckhole that is microsoft programming. I'm hesitant to do anything serious to the mac until the ibook is back, because i'm afraid i will kill that too, and then i'll be FUCKED. *eyes Norton cd warily*

Meanwhile, Apple reports that they haven't taken the ibook out back and shot it yet, but no other news. Two weeks sans laptop. TWO WEEKS! I had to borrow Hedwig from Ellen for an afternoon just to alleviate the withdrawal symptoms.

I have oompa-loompa feet from the rain and my leather sandals. Perhaps when asked to read a poem for creative writing i will simply take off my shoes and chant silly rhymes while dancing about in a freakish manner.
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A disturbing moment with the headmaster

During the senior awards ceremony, the last award for the TDF department got skipped accidentally, but the guy who was supposed to receive it was still standing on the edge of the stage. Meanwhile, the announcer kept right on going to Women's Studies, extolling the virtues of the clearly feminist award and how the recipient had furthered women's rights, blah blah blah...

So I was telling this story to someone who hadn't been there, and i couldn't remember the actual name of the girly award, so I called it the "Cynthia Plath Vagina Award".

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i would die if somebody wrote this fic.
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