April 30th, 2004

flying rat

goods and bads

the Good: THE LAPTOP IS BACK!!!!!!! *hugs it breathless* and I not only did not have to pay a single cent, they upgraded me to Panther so that my new logicboard would work! So now I HAVE to go to NYC sometime the week of the 10th, so I can light a candle for good old OLASJC (anybody around then? musesfool?). There must also be biblical het, because I promised, and it is poor to reneg on promises to JC.

the bad: greek test tomorrow. No studying accomplished yet. Also, creative writing portfolio is due, and is supposed to have not-sucky poetry. I BEGGED to be allowed to write more short stories instead, but Hoch said i had to suck it up. So I gave up and put what i had in the binder, which is crap. why didn't I take this Pass/No pass? what was I thinking?!

more Good: Mom is coming up tomorrow to take me outlet shopping. One of her friends was like "Sara's going to vermont? you should buy her a fur coat." o.O the closest I come to wearing a fur coat is having the rat on my shoulder.

And speaking of him, he went to Latin with me Wednesday morning. My Greek professor didn't just like Mulciber, he adored him and held him and cuddled him, and kept getting distracted during class by him, even though all the rat was doing was snoozing on my shoulder. "And here Cicero is clearly...trying to...make...awww, he's cleaning his little whiskers!"

There is nothing on earth cuter than your gay greek professor cuddling your pet rat.
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