May 3rd, 2004


assholery at F&M

so, sociofemme was a bit distraught over something that happened during her last paper, and she put up a little post which entailed the questionable A she received.

She got an anonymous comment which said, essentially, "you are a horrible human being. You should tell everyone that you are a cheater and a liar".

i have several problems with this. For one, there's a difference between plagurising and putting into a paper what a prof has expressly told you he wanted to see. Not to mention that the comments in question happened during 'Femme's presentation on the subject, so she had ALREADY DONE THE WORK.

Secondly, SIGN YOUR FUCKING NAME. If you are so right, and we are so wrong, then clearly there cannot be a problem with telling us who you are. If i tell you that you are a fucktard, and I mean it, and I have proof, i will sign my name with a great big flourish and a smiley face, because i am not afraid of your response.

Dear anonymous-- you are a fucktard. Love,

to finish up the conversation, ellen said that as a liar and a cheater, she actually represented F&M rather well. I said that the anonymous asshole was doing a powerful job as well.
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