May 8th, 2004


some WIPs and some titles and such

well, i've been meaning to do both these memes, so here we go:

The Title Meme
All of these can be found my HP fic page

I Phelta Thi: My dad says this. I swear. "Want to join my frat? It's called I Phelta Thi"

Lightning Has Just Struck My Brain: It's a line from Hook that my x-gf used to say all the time, it's always stuck with me.

the oldest joke in the world: well, it is, isn't it? the masochist who says hurt me and the sadist who says 'no'

Hey That's Not a Watch!: It's a Bill Clinton joke. He gets some intern and says "want to see my watch" and pulls out his penis, and she says "hey, that's not a watch!" and Bill says "well, it will be if you put two hands and a face on it."

What Exactly Are the Duties of a Head Boy: My friend introduced herself as a Head RA at a hall meeting, and the boys were all like "wooooo, what time should we come by?!"

The Most Ridiculous First Name I've Ever Heard: It just is. the first time I heard it, i was like "you're lying. that's the fakest name ever."

You Only NEED One Spell If You Can Do It Properly: A running gag from a set of stories I wrote the x-bf forever ago. the hero really could only do one spell, but he kept using it for everything, prompting this quote.

the WIP Meme
Actually at the moment, I only have this, which is badly titled "Neville Longbottom, the Boy Who Lived":

Harry: I'm not going back to school.
Remus: I don't care what you do, because i hate you and by the by I fucked Sirius up the arse.
Harry: Not going. *dreams book 1. Is a brat.*
Ginny: Yes you are, because i secretly want to fuck you.
Harry: Not going. *dreams book 2. Is a spoiled brat.*
Ron: Yes you are, and by the way I'm fucking Hermione.
Harry: Not going. *dreams book 3. Is a jerkwad.*
Hermione: Yes you are, and here are a million reasons I researched. And by the way...oh, you already heard.
Harry: Not going. *dreams book 4. Is an irreparable fucktard.*
Remus: I still fucked Sirius up the arse. But you should go to school or something.
Harry: NOT. GOING. *dreams book 5. Is a complete waste of air. Gets Sirius killed.*
Molly: Who's going to school?
Harry: I get everyone near me killed no matter what. So, me.
Neville: Girls like me now for some reason. Doesn't that make you feel better?
Harry: actually, yes. *snogs ginny*
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