May 15th, 2004


troy musings and some musesfooling

first of all, this icon is for musesfool. While it in no way makes up for the hours she has sunk into Remix, she said essentially this and it cracks me up. she further comments that 'drape' is appropriate because theirloveissoperfectlytailored, and i concur because they are always just hanging around where the good characters are.

while digging up pictures for the icon, I ran into this which made me snerk. first of all, the title of said toy sounds like a bad PWP title, and secondly because lego!draco looks so pissed off, and buckbeak looks so pleased.


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the rat has evidently forgotten that he hated me earlier because of his bath and is chilling very affectionately on my shoulder. Or perhaps my shoulder is just the best vantage point for him to sniff the air from the window.
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