May 23rd, 2004


feet fucking hate me




heh heh, s'true.

waaaaaaah. Didn't the movie theater job used to not suck? when did i get too old to stand for five hours without everything hurting? WTS is up with the new "we don't want to pay you for 35 minutes a shift" rule?

work on the MWPPFQF fic is...going. i know what i want it to do, it just isn't doing it on its own. i keep hoping when I open the laptop, more sentences will be there...but no.

so at my movie theater, to promote PoA, there is a giant inflatable aunt marge hanging from our ceiling. It's more disturbing than cool, but i thought i should share the horror. It would be hot if for the next one there were inflatable Voldimorts.

heh, people really liked my awards show dream :)
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minor frustrations

i just fought with Paypal for a good hour to get my PoA tickets for the 5th, but goddammit i won in the end.

marksykins is at the PoA premiere, she called florahart and some other people to squeal. So really my news is really not that excited when compared to that.

Ellen, I talked to a male at your house who was confused as to your whereabouts. I'll be online after work tonight, like 11:30 or so, so we can get stuff straightened out. I need to email people about the 4th too, i know caitlyn and elijah and colin are coming, and prolly katharine. Anybody who's in Lancaster opening night is welcome to join us...(haha, not really the same as when fandom people in NYc say that, is it?)
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