May 26th, 2004


Pornish_Pixies hits 1000!

as most of you have probably notes the flist spam, pornish_pixies has reached 1000 watchers, and we're having a little sexplosion of smut to celebrate!!!

so you thought i haven't been writing anything, but really i've been doing all of this goodness (everything here is NC-17, obviously, since it's appearing on Pixies):

A Few Of My Favorite Things (Harry/Ron/Hermione): Hermione and Ron try to guess what Harry's favorite thing about spring is. not very hard, though.

The Warm Fuzzies (Sirius/Peter): Scratchies while in animagus form never fail to cheer. Inspired by some accidental Sirius/Wormtail that blacknarcissus2 and I RPGed, much to scriblix's horror.

Not For the Faint of Art (Seamus/Dean): Seamus is an IRA reject, but revenge is sweet. The follow-up to Seamus' little cameo in my fic "What Exactly ARE the Duties of a Head Boy?".

Being Checked Twice (Remus/Sirius/Harry): Remus is trying to make a grocery list, but Sirius and Harry are having none of it.

also: the second season of Law & Order is out on DVD! Why did no one tell me!
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let the torment begin

so, sociofemme has this story, in which a college girl based not-so-loosely on herself, rescues Harry Potter from the Dursleys. it's very cute and very innocent.

which is why everytime we make a bet, i always say she has to write Nellsex. and then i usually toss sirius in, because ellen HATES sirius.

then it came to light that she was reading some of my smutplosion while trapped in close proximity to her family, with no means of escape.

so i wrote Nellsex. with Sirius. hahahahaha.

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