June 14th, 2004


update from UVM

sociofemme and I are having a good time in the "freeze your balls off" state, which explains why there are so many lesbians up here.

We apartment hunted today and have some more stuff set up for tonight and tomorrow. Rates around here are much better than the internet has led us to believe, so we are both happy. We saw decent places today, although the one we prefer is at the bottom of the BIGGEST HILL EVER so walking to campus for me is going to be a tough decision for me. on the one hand, i'm a big fatass, so it would be cheap and good for me. on the other hand, i'm a big fatass.

the guy we talked to there said they wouldn't mind Mulciber at all. Ellen suggested we buy the rat a heat lamp for the winter. I can so imagine that, while we're all bundled up, he'll be lounging on his back with sunglasses and a little drink with a teensy umbrella.

and there are winged monkeys on the roof of the big town hallish building. for serious.
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