June 24th, 2004

rum gone

lushes abound

why is everybody on my Flist drunk? It's not even Friday yet, don't you people have jobs?

So, I was worried about this whole CTY summer teaching thing. But when i sat down at dinner the random girl next to me announced "I just bought Harry Potter in French. I don't even read French" and then i knew i was home.

The Bring Back Black fic is going much better than expected, and even promises to be a reasonable (ie, short) length. Plus some smut, but you know what i mean. not like the MWPPFQF epic. or a certain fic involving transfigured rock bands that shall remain nameless.

As a reward, i think i'm signing up for the Remus Remix. i just have to write, you know, a drabble.
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