June 29th, 2004


they didn't fire my anyway

my first day of teaching went reasonably well (not that i actually taught anything), barring the return of the twitchy eye thing. If the doctor even refuses to do something this time i'm freaking the fuck out.

my kids were all good, and the one boy seems to enjoy his 14 female companions (the girls confided to me during break that they think he looks like Heath Ledger). During study session tonight i actually had to beg them to go out for break. they were like "do we HAVE to, we're doing vocabulary!!"

My instructor is cute, which is good, because he's a bit of an eccentric. He makes a big deal out of Making An Impression on the First Day, and there were rules, like i was under express orders not to enter the classroom before him. but he was late and the door was locked so i had to let the kids in and then sit in the hall like a dork. I'm not looking forward to the repeat edition of Day One during next session.

The real sign that we are at Geek Camp? We are a "nut free" site. I shit you not. they even had to take all the M&Ms out of the vending machine.
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