July 1st, 2004


if the Shack's arocking...

CTY is going well. My kids tricked sean into talking until they didn't have a break today. They are devious little geeks.

The swollen eye is worse. they said it was a sty and it would go away, but now when people ask me what's wrong, i say I corrected Sean's greek in front of the kids and he came at me over the desk.

Mulciber is limping! poor rat! he was fine yesterday, and his foot doesn't seem to hurt him, but he isn't using it. He's sleeping it off, hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow *cuddles*

What's up with the James/Harry? it keeps popping up on my Flist. o.O I don't squick often, but bleah...i had to read some of Flora's woobies just to clear my head.

I bought the Shrieking Shack lego set today! I am off to assembling the Pivoting Bed of Love! and also the Buckbeak of Love because i bought the little draco set too...
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